Basque Country

last ever Basque Country experience in Singapore

Kinou brings authentic Basque cuisine, Basque country hospitality
and exquisite Basque Country wines right here in Singapore.

About the Basque Country

Perched north of Spain and in the South west of France, the Basque country, also known as Euskadi, is an autonomous community made up of seven provinces overlooking the Northern Atlantic coast.

Kinou & Basque Country

Our Root

This destination has achieved worldwide fame not just for its impeccable surfing conditions as well as for its picturesque landscapes, but because it is home to several cordon bleu chefs who have earned umpteen Michelin stars. In Euskadi, there are currently 88 restaurants in the Michelin guide, mostly serving Basque cuisine—a unique blend of French, Spanish, and other Western European cuisines.
Yet, despite the region’s fame and countless accolades received for its gastronomical delights, the people of the Basque country pride themselves on their rich heritage and traditions that date back for centuries. These esteemed citizens live modestly despite the abundance of nature and distinguished restaurants, preferring to treat their guests with utmost hospitality instead of living a lavish lifestyle.
Kinou draws inspiration from the humble men and women of Euskadi not only for their first-rate local fare, but more indispensably, the values that have been ingrained deep within their hearts—to serve our guests more than exceptional food, but also a memorable dining experience from start to finish.